Get Started

Accelerate is a language for data-parallel array computations embedded within the programming language Haskell. More specifically, it is a deeply embedded language. This means that when you write programs with Accelerate, you are writing a Haskell program using operations from the Accelerate library, but the method by which the program runs is different from a conventional Haskell program. A program written in Accelerate is actually a Haskell program that generates, optimises, and compiles code for the GPU or CPU on-the-fly at program runtime.

To get started you will need to set up a Haskell environment as well as a few external libraries.

1. Setup Haskell & LLVM

Selected operating system: Windows

Oh no! We currently do not have any Windows machines available to test Accelerate on. If you try installing Accelerate on Windows, please let us know on the mailing list or issue tracker (preferred) how you went. Especially if you are successful, please let us know the procedure you used so that we can update the instructions to help others (or consider submitting a pull request!). Thanks in advance!