Welcome to the documentation for the Accelerate language and compiler. To get started, see the installation instructions on the getting started page or read how to install from GitHub to get the latest in-development sources. Once the compiler has been installed, take a look at the language overview. More information about the design and implementation of Accelerate can be found in our publications.

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External resources

  • Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell by Simon Marlow is a book published by O'Rielly Media which covers several techniques for writing parallel and concurrent programs in Haskell, including a chapter on programming with Accelerate. The book is available for purchase in electronic and paper formats, and can also be viewed online for free. Note that the API of Accelerate has changed slightly since the book was published, so we have written an errata containing changes and corrections.

  • The website lists several books, courses, and tutorials to help you learn Haskell.

  • Trevor's PhD Thesis describes the design and implementation of the frontend optimisations and CUDA backend.