Accelerate is an open-source research compiler project which we aim to make useful for real applications, so always enjoy hearing from our users. There are several ways you can interact and collaborate with us and other Accelerate users around the world.


These are places to ask questions, to learn, to teach, and to find other users and collaborators:

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help us to improve Accelerate:

  • Write a program or library in Accelerate and let us know about your experience. We want to make Accelerate both fast and usable, so having more libraries, examples, benchmarks, and experience reports is a great way to help us achieve this. If you like, we can include a link to your work on the libraries or examples pages, which also helps other users and helps the community grow.

  • Submit a bug or feature request to the issue tracker. Tried to write a program and encountered a bug? Have an idea for a new feature? Think some part of the language or library should be easier to use than it is? Please let us know!

  • Write a patch and submit a pull request. Anything from fixing a typo or improving comments and documentation, to implementing new compiler passes or backends is appreciated.

  • Improve this website by submitting a pull request to the website repository. Most of the website content is written in Markdown, so no experience building websites is required.

  • Swing by and say "hi". It always feels good to know that people are using the tools that we are working hard to improve